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Senior Graphic Designer: Packaging Design, Performance Marketing Design

OOH Campaign, Branding, Marketing Design, Social Media Design



UI/UX, Product Design

Fitness Nutrition Guide by Anna Engelschall

Fitness Nutrition Guide by Anna Engelschall

Ebook Editorial Design, Marketing Design

tailored solutions with dedication & expertise

Always in it with my heart, the power to transform your visions and probably a lot of coffee.

Need help with brainstorming and creating your next project?

Let's talk business!

You're ready to take your service, brand, or product to the next level? Heck yeah – you came to the right place. Let’s connect and bring your visions to life – we’re going to make a great team!

Collaboration, Baby!

You have that „je ne sais quoi“ you want the Design Community to know about? Have a look at my previous collaborations and see if we could be a good fit for eachother.

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