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born in Luxembourg, living in Germany, based on the internet

Hi, I’m Julie –  and when I say "based on the internet," I truly mean it. The internet has shaped me into the multidisciplinary graphic designer and visual artist you see today. Myspace and Deviantart were my playgrounds, where I honed my HTML skills and devoured Adobe Tutorials. 

Fast forward to me rocking a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design from the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule in true millennial fashion. In 2021, I took the leap from senior in-house graphic designer to full-time freelancer and creator.

In mid-2022, I cranked things up a notch by integrating generative AI into my workflow. It's like having a digital sidekick that helps me conjure mind-blowing designs with my unique twist. Together, we push boundaries, blur the lines between humans and machines, and create visuals that leave clients speechless.

Whether you're a daring entrepreneur with a vision or a world-changer on a mission, I'm here to bring your dreams to life with my design prowess and a touch of AI magic


& Features


Ars Technica – Artists astound with AI-generated film stills from a parallel universe

Ars Technica – AI-imager Midjourney v5 stuns with photorealistic images

Washington Post – AI can draw hands now.

New York Times – Can We No Longer Believe Anything We See?

TROISCOULEURS – I.A. QUOI ? · Une autre captation du réel
PAGE – KI in der Praxis: Julie Wieland testet Firefly

Nou AI Art – Interview with AI artist Julie Wieland

Group Art Show

Post Photographic Perspectives
A collection that signals the intersection between AI and Photography

Presented by Fellowship, curated by Roope Rainisto

View the Fellowship Hub or My collection "Temporary" on OpenSea


99designs by vista – Juror of "Best Print Design" for the 99awards 2022

Designweek UK – Meet the designers getting big on TikTok 

Neon Internet – neontools v2

Silicon Luxembourg - neontools v2

Adada - neontools v2

Adada - Campaign

Linktree – How Pinterest Hooked the Gen-Z Audience

Let's talk business!

You're ready to take your service, brand, or product to the next level? Heck yeah – you came to the right place. Let’s connect and bring your visions to life – we’re going to make a great team!

Collaboration, Baby!

You have that „je ne sais quoi“ you want the Design Community to know about? Have a look at my previous collaborations and see if we could be a good fit for eachother.

the services I offer

Web Design

Marketing Design

Generative AI

Packaging Design

"I knew exactly what to do…

but in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do."

– Michael Scott

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