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Fitness Nutrition Guide by Anna Engelschall

Fitness Nutrition Guide by Anna Engelschall



Ebook Editorial Design, Marketing Design

– by Anna Engelschall

"Team, nutrition is key when it comes to achieving your health, body & fitness goals!"


Anna Engelschall
Erin Spruce

With this guide, Anna wants to help, support and encourage her followers to nourish and fuel their body, reach their fitness goals and feel amazing in their own skin! The motto: Not a diet, a lifestyle.

The Ebook contains: the basics (what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat), easy recipes including calories & macros, professional advice for cravings and disordered eating (binge eating, overeating, not eating enough), and so much more!

Anna came to me with a clear vision in mind: it has to represent her and her passion for the topics – her style is very playful with a very sophisticated balance.

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