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UI/UX, Product Design

– Misch Strotz, Co-Founder & CEO of Neon Internet

“The very first prototype of neontools was born in 2018, because we were annoyed by the multitude of different tools we needed for online marketing.”


Neon Internet Agency:
Co-Founder & CEO, Misch Strotz
CTO, Carlos Gonser
DEV, Mitchio Weber
DEV, Ludovic Cordier
DEV, Daniel Wahl
DEV, Vinicius Seganfredo

Neontools was originally launched in 2018 in response to the frustration creators and digital marketers felt at having to use many separate tools – often with hefty subscription fees – for each element of their online marketing campaigns.

Neontools is being used by over 50.000 creators and marketers globally and has seen rapid growth in 2021 – among the TikTok community in particular.

In response to growing demand, we took the major step of redesigning the original tool, adding in the new features users requested and improving the user experience – making it easier to use, more effective, and faster.

Collaboration, Baby!

You have that „je ne sais quoi“ you want the Design Community to know about? Have a look at my previous collaborations and see if we could be a good fit for eachother.

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